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Jeffrey Scott

Jeffrey Scott

About the Presenter
The leading expert on achieving unprecedented business growth, Jeffrey specializes in building profitable, valuable contracting companies—from the inside out. With decades of experience as an entrepreneur, owner and consultant in the landscape and general contracting industry, he has an inside view of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by his clients.Jeffrey combines the systems thinking and structure from his engineering studies, together with the human resource and financial acumen gained from his MBA, to help his clients rapidly organize and grow their businesses.Jeffrey is known for establishing strong accountability, innovation and financial literacy within organizations. His proprietary systems and programs are customized to enable each client to fast-track their path to a dramatically better business. Learn More


Business Owners & Managers Sessions

Tuesday, January 15

Establish a Culture of Excellence

In order to succeed in your business long-term, it is imperative that you establish a strong culture of excellence, building on values and productivity. Learn how the best companies in the industry set themselves up for long-term, sustainable success.

Learn how to :
- Become a culture-driven company
- Get everyone on board
- Empower your culture to drive your growth

Benchmarking for Profit Improvement

Developing benchmarks and key indicators for your business will allow you to steer your company towards high profit, while maximizing the engagement of your team in your efforts. You will learn which benchmarks to tackle, and how to manage through benchmarks in order to maximize your profitability.

Learn how to: 
- Better read and understand your numbers
- Set up the right benchmarks needed to steer operations
- Benchmark yourself internally and externally for optimum performance
- Maximize profitability in all your divisions

Build your bench and succession plan

Whether you are growing your business or want to transition out of your business, you need to develop a succession plan for the key positions in your business, and ultimately for your leadership team.

Learn how to: 
- Attract better people
- Strengthen your bench
- Set up your team to run your business
- Plan for transitioning your business (when the time is right)

Case Studies on Business Transformation

Hear some of the most inspiring and successful stories of business transformation within the industry. They will give you vision on how to take your business to the next level.

Learn how to: 
- Create a compelling vision for yourself and your business
- Think outside your box, guiding your business to new levels
- Building more value into your business
- Create a competitive advantage
- Start having fun again; having success and enjoying your successes.

Landscape Business Owners Panel

We've invited a distinguished group of IGIA business owners to share insights on running a landscape operation in Illinois in the current business climate.  They'll share what keeps them motivated to do more when things get tough, what they consider best practices for keeping the wheels on the bus, what they wish they would have known when they started the business, and much more. 

Panel Participants:
Jack Pizzo, MS, PLA, ASLA, ICN - The Pizzo Group, Leland, IL
Carol Rakers, ICN - Creative Garden Services, Quincy, IL
Mark McWilliams, RLA, ICN - CopperTree Outdoor Lifestyles, Springfield, IL