Goals and Objectives


The Illinois Green Industry Association (IGIA) is proud to be a leader in Illinois’ nursery and landscape industry. Founded in 1925, and formerly known as the Illinois Nurserymen’s Association, the IGIA is one of the oldest agricultural organizations in the state. The Association is truly a statewide organization that represents, educates, promotes, protects and advocates for growers/nurseries/re-wholesalers/greenhouses, garden centers/retailers, irrigation contractors, landscape professionals and other green industry businesses.


  1. Increase member involvement in IGIA leadership, as well as program development and implementation.
  2. Improve and expand member services.
  3. Enhance overall image with an emphasis on increasing public awareness of both our industry in general and our member companies.
  4. Broaden membership and representation to invite and include Illinois’ entire Green Industry.
  5. Strengthen working relationships with key groups.
  6. Enhance strategic communications.


Guiding Principles

While planning the future of their organization, the IGIA board focused on several core principles. They placed a great deal of importance on professionalism and providing cutting edge communications, programs and services for IGIA members. It is extremely important – in their view – for the organization to move forward, to expand participation and broaden representation while maintaining the long-standing ideals and traditions earned and established over the 80-year-plus history of the organization.

As they move into the next few years of IGIA leadership, these selected representatives are placing a high priority on both inclusion and diversity, making every effort to invite and include more members of Illinois’ thriving Green Industry both in the leadership of the organization and in development of programs. They will continue to be vigilant in their commitment to protect our natural resources ensuring it remains a top priority in their plans, activities and programs; and also as they search for new and exciting opportunities to serve as the bridge between the general public, the industry and those who are concerned about the future of our resources.

The IGIA board feels a strong sense of responsibility to their membership and, in turn, IGIA members are aware that – on a daily basis – they are responsible to their customers, their communities and our natural resources.