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 Today's Breeding Trends 
= Tommorow's Gardens

Angela Treadwell-Palmer
Founder, Co-Owner
Plants Nouveau

 Angela Treadwell-Palmer

What will gardens look like in the next 10-20 years? Today's plant breeders are dictating that for us. What's happening? What's new? What's trending in the US and Europe in perennial and shrub breeding? Angela will share her trendspotting thoughts and concerns.


Timelines to Market

Nancy Buley
Director of Communications
J. Frank Schmidt

 Nancy Buley

It’s a long and complex journey from seed to city. Whether propagated by seed, cutting, graft or tissue culture, it takes a decade or more to grow a tree from start to finished landscape tree. Understanding the timeline and processes of liner production and the how and why of new cultivar development will help you plan ahead for choosing and acquiring the best trees for your nursery operation, whether you are a wholesale grower or a garden center operator.

Jumping Worms, Viburnum Leaf
Beetles & Worker Protection
Standards, Oh My!

Nanette Kalscheur
Plant & Pesticide Specialist

Illinois Department of Agriculture



This session will provide an overview of Jumping Worms and Viburnum Leaf Beetle; followed by the simple steps nurseries can take to comply with the new Worker Protection Standards (WPS). 


Lofty Goals: Preparing to Grow 
the Chicago Region Tree Canopy

Lydia Scott
Director of the Chicago Region Trees Initiative
The Morton Arboretum 

 Lydia Scott
In 2010, the Chicago Region had a canopy cover of 15.5% and numerous challenges keeping the urban forest from flourishing. Since then, more than 150 partners collaborating on the Chicago Region Trees Initiative have been chipping away at those challenges and are soon to post ambitious goals for 2050- including expanding the canopy by 4%.

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