Plants Day

Attention Landscape Architects:  All Plants Day presentations have been approved for LA CES.




Keynote Speaker
Dr. Charles Hall
Professor & Ellison Chair
Texas A & M University

2019 Economic Outlook
for the Green Industry

Charlie Hall

In this presentation, Dr. Charlie Hall will discuss green industry performance in 2018 and will set the stage for the spring season and the rest of 2019. The economy and several crosscutting issues are certain to affect every green industry business and Charlie will discuss these impacts and the potential strategies for enhancing profitability.


Gary Watson
Lead Scientist, Arboriculture
The Morton Arboretum

Ensuring the Health of Your Plants

 Gary Watson

Successful tree planting practices must be based on sound science. This presentation, based on the ISA book of the same title, is an up-to-date synthesis of the research devoted to planting urban trees that can be used to understand and implement the appropriate practices that are vital to planting trees that will last a lifetime. Future tree problems can be minimized through proper site preparation and selection, and understand the biology of tree responses during digging, planting, and establishment at the new site.


Angela Treadwell-Palmer
Founder, Co-Owner
Plants Nouveau

Are We Speaking
a Different Language?

 Angela Treadwell-Palmer

Years ago, when wholesale nurseries made catalogs and websites (if they even had one), they thought they were talking to people like them, in other words, people who know a lot about plants. Today, anyone can access an online catalog or website to get information about plants. Why is that a big deal? I'm here to tell you why...


Nancy Buley
Director of Communications
J. Frank Schmidt

Trees for Today and the Future

 Nancy Buley

Brand new or tried and true? Learn what’s new in trees including cultivars and hybrids that are improvements on trusted old standbys. Whether specifying for landscape projects, or choosing trees to grow in your nursery for future sale, there are many considerations and choices to be made in determining “right tree, right place.” Diversity of species and cultivar, tolerance of heat and drought, climate resilience and attractiveness to pollinators are among the new questions to be asked in an already complex selection process.


Melissa Custic
Chicago Region Trees Initiative Coordinator
The Morton Arboretum 

Protecting our Forests with
Species Diversity

 Melissa Custic
Illinois’ residents want to live in communities shaded by mature trees, but the health of our trees is threatened by extreme weather and growing exposure to pests and diseases. Learn what green industry professionals can do to encourage healthier trees and community forests. You’ll walk away with information about species that are underpresented in the landscape and tools they can share with customers to help select the right trees to plant in their sites and get them planted correctly.


Paul Pilon
Horticultural Consultant
Perennial Solutions Consulting

New Perennials: Navigating
Through the Introductions

 Paul Pilon

What are the current trends in perennials? Join Paul in this presentation where he’ll discuss industry trends, reveal the hottest marketing opportunities and uncover some of the hottest new perennials to hit the market. Are there opportunities in perennials you’re missing? You’ll have to attend to find out.

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Bill Spradley
Trees, Forests, and Landscapes, Inc.

Plant Failures & Why They Failed

 Bill Spradley

Plant selection is critical for success in the landscape. But there are things that can go wrong – both biotic and abiotic- even with the right care and planning. This presentation will cover a variety of ways to observe and diagnose different plant and tree problems, with the goal of planning for avoidance of the same issues in the future when possible. Abatement options will be discussed when they are an option.