InVigorateU Round Table Session

Tuesday, January 15 

After lunch, attendees will gather at the main tables in Redbird CD.  Each table will be marked with a topic (listed below) and hosted by a moderator. Participants will have an opportunity to select the topic of their choice and participate in 15 minutes of moderated discussion.  At the 15-minute mark, they will move to another table.  At the conclusion of the session, everyone will have participated in three total topics.  Moderators will capture key takeaways, which IGIA will publish in a future Trending Green for everyone to enjoy.

Topic Moderator
Table One:
Using a website to conduct business:
What does that look like for our industry?

Drew Tedford
FX Luminaire

Table Two: 
Getting new people interested in joining
the green industry

Loren Nagy
The Davey Tree Expert Company

Table Three:
Smarter ways to use chemicals

Paul Ayers, Steve Shiley
Goodmark Nurseries

Table Four:
Strategies for gaining a competitive advantage

Steve Raczak
Twixwood Nursery

Table Five:
How to combat current disease and insect issues

Brian Borkowicz
The Davey Tree Expert Company

Table Six:
Fighting burnout: How to keep doing your
best when you’re just not feeling it

Cathy Schroeder
Mariani Plants

Table Seven:
What's trending in residential design?

Meagan Provencher
Wasco Nursery & Garden Center

Table Eight:
Getting creative in recruiting new employees

Joe Hobson
Midwest Trading Horticultural Supplies
Table Nine:
 Making better buying decisions
Brian Aaron, National Nursery Products
Pat Buscher, Premium Travertine

Table Ten:
Creating a sense of ownership/ responsibility
among team members

Steve Worth
Kankakee Nursery Co.

Table Eleven:
Designing spaces for municipal & commercial
jobs that will tolerate heavy salt exposure 

Tom Tharp
St. Louis Composting
Table Twelve:
Are you managing social media or is
it managing you?

Pete Worth
Kankakee Nursery Co.

Table Thirteen:
Promoting the therapeutic value of horticulture

Kelly Girup
Doty Nurseries

Table Fourteen:
Guiding the customer away from potential invasive
species toward preferred alternatives 

Dennis Rohr
Hinsdale Nurseries

Table Fifteen:
How smart phone apps have changed the way we work 

Eric Simmons
Hunter Industries 
Table Sixteen:
 I'm working too many hours:

how can we find a better balance?

Mike Mennenoh
Mariani Plants 
Table Seventeen:
Creative solutions to increased freight cost
Nikki Smith, Georgia Aaegsen 
Xylem Ltd

Table Eighteen:
Rewarding good customers - what methods do you
use to give back to your best clients?

Mike Duttge
Midwest Groundcovers 

Table Nineteen:
Preparing for the next generation of customers 

Kim Hartmann
Countryside Flower Shop, Nursery, and Garden Center 



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